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MTR Project
  • Visually impaired are unable to reach the target platform when transferring trains.
  • Visually Impaired are unable to follow the queue properly to access the facility
Product Features
  • Path Following
  • Text Recognition
  • Obstacle Avoidance
Path Following
  • GUIDi can follow the tactile guide and walk to the platform along the default path
The default path: Exit D - Gate - Lift - Platform
Text Recognition
  • GUIDi can recognize texts and inform users of the direction of the train through voice commands.
Obstacle Avoidance
  • GUIDi can detect obstacles up to five meters ahead, and guide users to avoid them through haptic feedback. It also informs users of obstacle information through voice commands.
MTR Test 1 
MTR Test 3 
 Discussing with MTR
 MTR Test 2
 MTR Demo
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