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About AI Guided
AI Guided was founded in 2020 in Hong Kong

An award-winning health-tech start-up from the incubation program in Hong Kong Science Park

Our business specializes in AI, haptic-reflex actuation, and environmental visualization, especially for smart cities, social connectivity, and social welfare applications

We are developing innovative technical solution for the visually impaired in the world
Our Company Achievements
Technology for Good
Building AI Guiding Ecosystem for the World
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Daring to try new ways
to overcome challenges
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Teamwork is always better
than one-man band
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Accounting for our jobs
and our promises
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Humble and respect
other's perspectives
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Sharpen our skills, always
aiming for the top
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Building everything to
the highest standard
Our Team
We have a wide spectrum of talent combination including PhDs in mechanical and biomedical engineering, and leading experts in sensor and robotic development as well as computational analysis for biomedical applications.
Founding Team
2022 AI Guided CHL edited.jpg
Dr. CHAN Hiu Ling, Florence

PhD in Biomedical Engineering, 10+ yr. working experience in manufacturing and automation industries

Dr Florence Chan is Co-founder and CEO of AI Guided Limited. Before forming AI Guided, she has over 8 years of experience in R&D, Lean production, manufacturing and automation advisory and development. She has served universities, government organizations and SMEs and international renowned companies such as Cathay Pacific and Ford Motors. She received a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and BSc in Mechatronic Engineering from City University in Hong Kong, and MSc in Environmental Engineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She specializes in automation, robotics and neuronal signaling.

Dr. KONG Ka Wai, Steve

PhD in Mechanical Engineering, 5+ yr. of R&D experience in flexible electronics artificial intelligence, robotics, and micro/nano sensors

Dr Steve Kong, is Co-founder and CTO. He specializes in flexible electronics, artificial intelligence, robotics, and micro/nano sensors. Furthermore, he took part in the design and manufacture of one of the world’s first ultra-thin wearable senor in medical application for human physiological monitoring and successfully applied for HMRF to perform clinical experiments. He received a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and BSc in Mechatronic Engineering from City University in Hong Kong.

2022 AI Guided KKW edited.jpg
Advisory Team
Ir. Dr. LAI Wai Chiu, King

MEMS / Nano Systems and Devices


CUHK / Michigan State University

Associate Professor from Department of Biomedical Engineering at City University of Hong Kong with over 17 years of research experience in micro/nano manipulation and micro/nano assembly. Research interests include development of micro/nano sensors using MEMS and nanotechnology; design and fabrication of MEMS/nano systems and devices, optical sensing system and photovoltaics, nanobiotechnology, automation and manipulation of micro/nano scale systems. 

Dr. LO Wing Cheong, Jon

Computation for Biological Application


University of California / Mathematical Biosciences Institute

Assistant Professor from Department of Mathematics and Student Affairs Coordinator from College of Science at City University of Hong Kong with over 11 years of research experience in computational analysis for biological problems. Research interests include inflammatory diseases and cancer modeling, mathematical and, and robust cell polarization and biological pattern formation.

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Dr. CHOW Oi Wah, Esther

Social Work and Psychology


The University of Melbourne

Associate Professor from Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at City University of Hong Kong with over 15 years of research experience in social gerontology, health and aging, disability, and rehabilitation. Delivering effective interventions and capacity-building opportunities to individuals and groups with special needs.

Dr. TIN Chung

Sensorimotor Learning and Control / Machine Learning


HKU / Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT)

Associate Professor in Department of Biomedical Engineering at City University of Hong Kong. Research interests include neural prosthetic systems, brain-machine interface, neural computation and sensorimotor learning and control. He has been awarded Croucher Foundation Scholarship (HK), American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship, and Early Career Award (Research Grant Council, Hong Kong).

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website [Recovered]-06.png
Dr. YAU Chun Ming, Simon

Compliance Testing


University of Oxford / SGS / HKPC

With over 10 years of R&D and Compliance Testing experience in both public and private sectors. He is vastly experienced in the analytical industries and has participated and overseen various R&D projects, including one in cooperation with a supranational institution.

Dr. LAU Chor Yue Victor

Entrepreneurship and Intellectual right protection

Associate Director from Knowledge Transfer Office at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) with over 20 years in the semiconductor industry, Dr. Lau has moved back to academic and shared his industrial experience with faculty and students. Specializing in entrepreneurship and intellectual right protection, he is also the course-leader of IGNITE, a university-wise start-up training program for HK Tech 300. Within a year, he has trained over 500 start-up teams.


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